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Markus G. Nowak's Journal
3d-model - new fursuit- or puppet-head 
13th-Feb-2014 09:35 pm
I made a new model in Lightwave - managed to build it without any errors this time.
 photo fursuithead_in_3_parts_zps9b1bfa3f.jpg
I could print it now - or make it lighter by adding extra holes.
Also several people asked me if they could have one of my models - should I release it?
14th-Feb-2014 05:11 am (UTC)
Super cool how you ca make these things from a printer, much more versatile than I imaged 3D printers could be.

Should you release molds? I personally say no because of all the recent copying I've heard come up lately (folks buying blanks then making slight changes before selling "their own" resin bases). But the again, I'm also for encouraging people into making things themselves so I'm against selling blanks it the first place.
15th-Feb-2014 02:17 am (UTC)
release it yea, put out your own little model's for other to play with, I know plenty of Fur's with Lightwave and still not us it yet. And would love to learn how It's Done, But remember to copyright your designs..

Or just post them up on LJ for your copyright info..

Me i say Keep it simple and share the ideas, it help in the ling road to building stuff the first time around..

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