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Markus G. Nowak's Journal
Eurofurence 19 - Aloha Hawaii 
3rd-Sep-2013 09:46 pm
There were a lot of hand-puppets at Eurofurence this year. I'm really glad I could meet Andy Heath and Warrick Brownlow-Pike and see the puppets from the BBC hit comedy show Mongrels in real life.
 photo Tioh_EF19_12_mongrels_pawpetshow_puppets_zpsbfc757f3.jpg

I wore my new fursuit for the first time at the fursuit-parade in the Magdeburg zoo. The bowden-cable animatronic for the ears and eyelids works and the fursuit is the lightest suit I ever made. The normal zoo-visitors had a lot of fun at parade. I took the third bus back - 4hours walking around in fursuit were no problem at all.

The zoo is really nice. Most animals ignored the fursuiters. KayJay made the pictures at the zoo with my camera.
 photo Tioh_EF19_01_Zoo_Magdeburg_Fursuitwalk_zps173d2469.jpg  photo Tioh_EF19_02_Zoo_Magdeburg_Fursuitwalk_zps142d2e00.jpg  photo Tioh_EF19_03_Zoo_Magdeburg_zpsf9397034.jpg  photo Tioh_EF19_04_Zoo_Magdeburg_Fursuitwalk_zps071ec4d5.jpg  photo Tioh_EF19_05_Zoo_Magdeburg_zps07432866.jpg

 photo Tioh_EF19_06_fursuit_Lisa_zps4979c0eb.jpg  photo Tioh_EF19_10_fursuit_gameshow_surfboard_zps46a54054.jpg  photo Tioh_EF19_16_fursuit_dance_zps2e45924f.jpg  photo Tioh_EF19_15_fursuit_dance_zps2f11c5b9.jpg  photo Tioh_EF19_17_enter_the_arena_zps6061ba16.jpg  photo Tioh_EF19_29_bbf_dance_zps9afc09dd.jpg  photo Tioh_EF19_30_bbf_dance_zpsbef636ec.jpg
I do not have any pictures of the parade - there were so many locals watching the fursuits (and making photos) the parade had to stop for some time. Some fursuiters reached their limits while waiting for the parade to move on. I stayed in fursuit for another hour - even with Laru I had no problems. Sadly I missed most of the dances - the Dead Dog Party was great.

A lot of things for the PawpetShow had to be prepared - the team had to work a lot to get everything ready. I really wish more people (outside the pps-team) would help with the preparations before EF.
 photo Tioh_EF19_07_Pawpetshow_backstage_clothestest_zps682741f9.jpg  photo Tioh_EF19_08_Pawpetshow_backstage_clothestest_zps57814c32.jpg  photo Tioh_EF19_09_Pawpetshow_rehearsal_underwater_test_zps30afd78e.jpg

Having live background music - by the awesome Fox Amoore - works great for Kages show
 photo Tioh_EF19_11_onkel_kage_fox_amoore_zpsb1efaa65.jpg

This was really one of the highlights for me - I made a lot of photos and was amazed how good the Mongrels puppets were played by Warrick and Andy.
 photo Tioh_EF19_14_mongrels_marion_puppet_warrick_zps534d8312.jpg  photo Tioh_EF19_13_mongrels_kali_zps9bcc800e.jpg  photo Tioh_EF19_18_mongrels_destiny_puppet_zps8113523e.jpg  photo Tioh_EF19_19_mongrels_nelson_puppet_andy_zpse6d63f28.jpg  photo Tioh_EF19_20_mongrels_lollipop_puppet_zpscd4273cd.jpg

I think the underwater scene is something that will stay in most peoples minds. Most of the effects worked much better when we hoped. Some things failed - like the radio-controlled clownfish. It's interesting to hear people in the audience talking about the show afterwards - I think it left a lasting impression on most - there were a lot of extremely positive comments about the show.
 photo Tioh_EF19_21_puppet_pawpetshow_zpsd64eb52d.jpg  photo Tioh_EF19_22_puppet_pawpetshow_zpsb634d960.jpg  photo Tioh_EF19_23_puppet_pawpetshow_zps826d74c7.jpg  photo Tioh_EF19_24_puppet_pawpetshow_zps2261e015.jpg  photo Tioh_EF19_25_puppet_pawpetshow_zpsaa6f2b63.jpg  photo Tioh_EF19_26_puppet_pawpetshow_zpsc2736c84.jpg  photo Tioh_EF19_27_puppet_pawpetshow_zps0e414168.jpg  photo Tioh_EF19_28_puppet_pawpetshow_zps9aa0d56f.jpg
I liked the open ending.

The puppets could relax at the Dead Dog Party.
 photo Tioh_EF19_31_puppet_pawpetshow_savannah_zps87d234bb.jpg
I'm really glad Henrieke and Karpour used the puppet I made to build Monica (they added some padding, teeth, nose, pawpads, painted the eyes and eyelids, made a pattern, cut the fur and attached it) - the puppet is absolutely fantastic.
 photo Tioh_EF19_32_puppet_pawpetshow_monica_zpse1d15efd.jpg

 photo Tioh_EF19_33_medic_zps5fe16528.jpg
19th-Sep-2013 09:14 am (UTC)
Wonderful pics.... thank ya!
22nd-Sep-2013 09:19 am (UTC)
Just added you to my friendlist- I didn't know you were active on LJ! Thanks for the report and sharing the great photos :)
24th-Sep-2013 07:05 am (UTC)
WOW!!! Mongrels!
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