3d-printed movable resin eye and eyelid

Here's a new prototype for my 3d-printed animatronic eye and eyelid. The eye was made with white UV resin from Elegoo on my Elegoo Mars 3d-printer. The other parts wer printed in PLA at 0.2mm layer heigth.
The eye was painted with white spray paint and acrylic markers. I filled the front of the eye with transparent resin. Polymorph was used to glue the eye to the round plate at the bottom. 

Lola Bunny 3d-print

I used a 3d-model made by KP-Shadow-Squirrel on Deviantart (https://www.deviantart.com/kp-shadowsquirrel/art/Lola-Bunny-Pose-1-195911642) as a base for this 3d-printed statue (I edited the model a bit and cut it in 13 parts to make it easier to print). I had another version printed two years ago - but the legs and torso were not sturdy enough (printed with only 2 outer layers and 5% infill). The first version deformed after a cold winter and one of the legs eventially broke. So I printed the body again - with the print setting that I used for the rest of the body.


Resin 3d-Printer

I bought an Elegoo Mars resin 3d-printer. The printer arrived very well packaged - it only took minutes to get the machine ready to print.

The printer is very easy to use, ChituBox Slicer is usable, the Elegoo resin smells about as unpleasant as superglue, the support structures are very easy to remove, disposing of the excess resin generates a lot of waste (paper towels, disposable gloves, filters, isopropanol, ...). You need enough space for post-processing (space for the printer alone is not enough) and a well-ventilated room.