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Markus G. Nowak's Journal
I released the 3d-model for my Lion fursuit head base on Thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3732218


I filmed how I made a snow leopard hand puppet for the Eurofurence Pawpet-Show last year. Most of the videos are now edited:
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14th-Apr-2019 08:16 pm - Burgers Zoo 13.04.2019
14th-Mar-2019 07:30 pm - Duckbill painted

I used 2-component polyester-based filler on the beak of my 3d-printed duck fursuit head base - it worked fine. I did not sand it totally smooth - I like the surface as it is right now. I used a plastic primer and acrylic spray paint - protected the paint with matt clearcoat.
14th-Mar-2019 07:20 pm - 3d-model vote results
I asked on FA, Twitter, Telegram,... on which of these fursuit head base 3d-models I should work next.

Here are the results:
Sergal 2
Capybara 4
Wolf 3
Lion 1
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