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Markus G. Nowak's Journal
Recent Entries 
15th-Jul-2018 09:31 pm - Sayn
Some photos from the butterfly park in Sayn

More photos...Collapse )

Gallery: https://1drv.ms/f/s!As8KmVz66ar40RWSV-rVXR19ptIa
6th-Jul-2018 10:27 pm - 3d-printed fursuit head bases - PETG
I tried printing with PETG on the ANET A2 plus. Two different brands of PETG - the grey PETG is from NuNus (print temperature 215°C), the yellow PETG is from eSUN (print temperature 230°C). Both printed without warping and stuck to the tape on the build plate (50°C). I like the filament form NuNus best (prints with the same settings as PLA and the surface is not too shiny).

There is a little bit of stringing (easy to remove with a deburring tool) - I could try to optimize the retraction settings. The printed parts were glued with Plaast. The material is tougher when PLA (and needs more heat if you want to bend it with a hot air gun).
6th-Jul-2018 10:11 pm - Laser engraving Bamboo
I bought some cheap bamboo cutting boards and tried engraving a dithered black & white picture.
Speed 800 mm/s, laser power 900, masking tape on the surface of the board.
Artwork by ShawnTheGirl.

Glueing a 3d-printed fursuit head base with Plaast (a Polycaprolactone product that melts at 62°C)

Adding details to a 3d-model with Sculptris is easy.
I made a video answering a lot of questions about 3d-modelling and 3d-printing fursuit head bases
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