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I don't leave my Anet A2 plus 3d-printed unattended - I'm glad that I checked it frequently. The socket set screw that held the heating element fell out. The heating element did stay inside the block, but the temperature sensor slipped out. The result: the sensor had a much lower temperature when the heating element - so the heating element got more power to reach the temperature. The whole extruder got extremely hot - melting the PLA thru the extruder up into the Teflon tube. I noticed it early enough to prevent more damage.

I did remember tightening the screw that fell out - checking the heating block revealed why it fell out: there are no real threads in the hole - just some aluminum edges - not enough to hold the screw in.

The heating block was replaced with a new one (that has two socket set screws for the heating element - and a separate screw to hold the sensor in) and I had to get a new tube quick coupler (the plastic part had melted).

Unfortunately, the new heating block leaked PLA thru the threads of the nozzle - Teflon band on the threads stopped the leak.
9th-Jul-2017 11:48 pm - Broken images in older posts

All of the images used in this journal before 2017 were hosted on Photobucket. Embedding those in 3rd party sites is no longer possible with a free Photobucket account (the yearly price for that service is very expensive). I copied all my pictures to my own server, but I cannot edit my old Livejournal posts fast — I tried and got this account suspended once (the mass editing looked like a compromised account to Livejournals security system).    

12th-Jun-2017 09:18 pm - New fursuit and puppet head designs
I got some requests on Twitter, Thingiverse and by e-mail for some new 3d-models. Here are some work-in-progress pictures:

 photo fursuithead44_front_nose_zpslu4ujcn9.jpg

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28th-Mar-2017 09:53 pm - New 3d-printer - Anet A2 Plus
While repairing my old 3d-printer I searched for some upgrades for it. One thing on my wish-list was a bigger printing volume - I soon realised that it's cheaper and easier to buy a new printer (a kit for self-assembly for under 190€). While ordering some parts on Gearbest I saw the Anet A2 Plus kit, did some research (finding out the flaws of the machine via Youtube and Thingiverse) and finally ordered it.

It arrived about one month later (shipped from China). One package with all the parts - neatly packaged in labelled bags for all the screws and nuts. I already knew that they do not include a paper manual - so I used the Youtube video for instructions till I realised that the Video is for the Anet A2 - not the A2 Plus - some instructions did not work (you have to start with the longest Aluminum profile, the heat-bed has the connector on the short side, the end stop for the x-axis is on the other side, the cables for the display are too short). The included SD-card had a PDF-Version of a very short manual that filled in the gaps (that also has some errors - some cables are too short, they will not fit if you follow the instructions, also the parts mentioned are not always correct, like the length of some screws). It took about 6 hours to assemble the printer - it would have been faster with a good manual, but it was not really a problem. I had to rewire the switch for the z-axis end stop - that was much too short.

The kit includes tools (hex wrenches, screwdrivers,...) - I did not use those.

 photo anet_a2_plus_finish_zpspeqlda9u.jpg

Apart from levelling the build plate and tightening the belts I did not optimise the machine - worked fine from the first start. I use Repetier Host to make the Gcode. I tried Cura first, but the new Cura versions do not work well with this machine. There is room for improvement - I'll probably add a fan to cool the extruded material and a spool holder that sits on top of the machine. A custom printing profile could also improve the print quality (but the standard is good enough for now - the layer adhesion is excellent, only the retract setting is a bit off).

So far the results have been very good. The print quality of my Flashforge Creator is better, but I spent days to repair and tweak that machine - and it also did cost 6 times a much. The Anet A2 Plus is certainly good enough to print parts for fursuits, puppets and cosplay props.

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18th-Mar-2017 08:49 pm - 3d-printer extruder swap
The second extruder of my Flashforge Creator Dual 3d-printer stopped working two months ago. The first one broke last year (the stepper motor is not turning). This time there was dirt in the filament that jammed the nozzle - never buy filament from https://nodna.de/
I could not remove the filament - it completely destroyed the Teflon tube when I tried to get the filament out.

So I ordered a Geeetech MK8 Dual Extruder. It was advertised for Makerbot - unfortunately, the heating element is not for the correct voltage. So I made a hybrid of the MK8 and MK7 Extruder using the old heating elements and stepper motors. I did a small test print that worked ok, then I started a bigger print. About 5h later PLA started to emerge from the top of the heating element (the threads are slightly different - it does not seal) - eventually covering the whole heating element. I cleaned it up, but the threads of the screw holding the heating element were stuck. I had to destroy the heating block to remove it.

I bought a new aluminium heating block, screwed it in - that broke the threaded tube. Used the second threaded tube - broke that one when I tightened the nut. Bought new threaded tubes - the new ones are tougher when the one from Geeetech.

 photo 3d-printer_extruder_swap_02_zpsqouyqs1o.jpg  photo 3d-printer_extruder_swap_01_zpssslqxdoo.jpg

I could only repair one extruder - no problem I hardly use the second one anyway. I can now print several materials that did not work previously, but changing the filament is more difficult. I ordered a cheap 3d-printer kit to have a backup printer - it should arrive next week.
My house lies on a dead end street. A trail starts at the end of the road.
 photo Hiking_boelingen_30102016_08_zps3a7otwci.jpg

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