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Markus G. Nowak's Journal
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I just released my fursuit head base version 51 (toon canine) on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2799575

19th-Feb-2018 09:23 pm - Carneval Bölingen & Ringen 2018
I watched both parades wearing my bunny fursuit Lepi.

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My part of a trade with ShawnTheGirl. She drew the character, I made the 3d-models. It prints in 3 parts. I printed it in PLA, 0.2mm layer height, 10% infill on my Anet A2 plus 3d-printer. It weights 230g.

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21st-Jan-2018 01:17 am - New puppets for the Pawpet-Show 2018
Workshop ready, video setup ready, I started making new puppet parts.

ToDo: make a video-tutorial from the 73GB videos recorded today - I filmed how I made a puppet body.
Muppet style pig

Dog head made in Sculptris
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Ventriloquist puppet head-base
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21st-Jan-2018 12:34 am - Laser-Engraver
I bought the Eleksmaker A3 pro laser-engraver kit in Oktober 2017. It took me about 4 hours to assemble it.
The assembly instructions are ok - it only took some time to find them (in the package is only a packing-list): http://wiki.eleksmaker.com/doku.php?id=elekslaser_a3_pro

I'm glad I checked the forum before I tried to use this machine http://forum.eleksmaker.com/category/6/elekslaser. The controller board has a firmware bug - the laser starts (at full power) as soon as you switch the controller board on - even when no computer is connected. I had to update the firmware - that solved this problem.

The EleksCAM software has some bugs too. It does not work with German regional setting.
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The software does not work with some fonts and the preview looks nothing like the engraved text.
Some SVG drawings are not imported correctly - I tried to make a circle - it's not round - but when I use a bitmap with a circle it works ok.
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I tried cutting some materials too - it works with balsa wood, foam, plastic foil and non-transparent acrylic up to 3mm.
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When I moved the machine from my warm workshop to a cold room it stopped working. The wheels jam when it gets too cold because the acrylic parts contract. I had to make the holes for the axle of the wheels bigger - to get more space between the wheels. Unmodified it works at a room temperature above 22°C.

Engraving or cutting plastic stinks. I made hood with a fan.
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3rd-Dec-2017 10:51 am - Gnarf
Wednesday: My main PC does not start up, no error message, black screen - after several attempts it starts again, no errors detectable

Thursday: PC does not start up - no recovery this time - Power is on, LEDs on, all fans working - does not boot, black screen

Friday: Got my old PC from the attic, put it in my workshop - no power from the power strip - switch in the power strip defective - replaced the power strip - PC still does not start, power supply defective - replaced power supply - PC does work, keyboard does not - replaced keyboard - new keyboard works, but the PCs operating system is Windows XP

Saturday: SSD with Windows 10 and (old) WLAN card installed in replacement PC - WLAN card does not work under Windows 10, tried (old) USB-WLAN adapter - it does not work with Windows 10, pulled a LAN-cable thru a wall to connect it to the router, Windows updated
Tried most important programs - not enough RAM - ordered more RAM. Tried to use my backup-disk with a (new) USB3-to-SATA-Adapter - 6TB disks not supported.

Broken PC disassembled - check the parts. Power supply, RAM, hard drives, WLAN, burner, card reader, graphics card are probably OK - new motherboard ordered

... and it just started snowing
16th-Oct-2017 08:33 pm - Dernau 15.10.2017

I went hiking in Dernau - made some panorama photos and played with my old macro lense.

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